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Cities of Innovation: Athens

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ICT Infrastructure

The national targets of availability and use of broadband connections of high and ultra-high-speed, set at Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) target levels, act as a catalyst for digital development. Achieving these objectives requires the mobilisation of large-scale investments estimated to be between a total of EUR 1.4 billion to EUR 4.5 billion, depending on the development model pursued.

Local, national and international transport links

Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos is Greece’s busiest airport in terms of passenger numbers.


Local transport links: Athens has a very well-developed infrastructure and a modern mass transit system. There are city buses, electric trolley-buses, metro, trams, suburban railway, public bike sharing (Glyfades) and car-sharing services.


The popularity of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and hybrid cars is increasing rapidly, and there are EV charging points throughout the Athens metropolitan region powered by green electricity.

University links and access to talent

Greece ranks 42nd in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index/ first in tertiary enrolment.

Costs and availability of workspace

Amongst the coworking spaces are: The Cube, Foundation, Orange Grove (a CSR-driven initiative), Impact Hub Athens, Stone Soup, Romantso, Higher Incubator Giving Growth & Sustainability (HIGGS) is an initiative which aims to reinforce non-profit organisations operating in Greece, Tzaferi 16, Athens Place, Athens Investment Center is aiming to develop collaborations between Greek and foreign enterprises, and Space, which offers two options.

City support for start-ups and SMEs

In addition to the Envolve Award, the National Bank of Greece has a similar initiative, which acts as a pipeline for its Business Seeds programme.


MIT Enterprise Forum Greece, which is the local chapter of MIT Enterprise Forum, holds an annual competition that connects Greek startups to the US ecosystem, and especially Boston. They also provide mentoring, access to a pool of potential investors in the US, and local exposure.


‘The Squeeze’, organised by Orange Grove, is a quarterly competition with prizes up to 15,000 euros.


Disrupt Greece, held in 2018 and organised by Fortune Greece, is one of the latest additions to the startup competitions pool.


Blue Growth is a marine challenge competition that seeks to deliver innovative business ideas for products and services relating to the blue (maritime – which is of course a significant sector) economy. They offer co-working space, mentoring, business services and resources.

Financial support and access to investors & accelerators


Startech Ventures – Venture Garden

Stage Two


Angel Investors

— EVEA Business Angels Network MIT Enterprise Forum Greece, which is the local chapter of MIT Enterprise Forum, holds an annual competition that connects Greek startups to the US ecosystem, and especially Boston

— Angels Group by Start Tech Ventures Incubation Fund *can only find same website as for start tech above: https://www.starttech.vc

Angel List or Crunch Base (portfolio of Greek or Greek-origin private investors)


VC Investors

Open fund II
Piraeus Jeremie Tech Catalyst Fund – Elikonos Jeremie Sicar

— The JEREMIE funds (Jeremie Openfund II, Piraeus Jeremie Tech Catalyst Fund, Odyssey Jeremie Partners and Elikonos Jeremie SICAR)


Odyssey Venture Partners

Fundbox Capital
NBG Business Seeds
Venture Friends
Marathon Venture Capital
Corporate Venturing NetworkUniFund AKES

Attica Ventures

Additional information

Athens was awarded the European Capital of Innovation prize in 2018 by the European Commission.