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How citizens are helping to fix Brussels’ streets

With cities looking to become more pedestrian friendly, the appearance of public space has never been so important. Nick Michell discovers how Brussels is using mobile technology to fix its city streets

Detroit seeks to become centre for mobility innovation

The head of mobility for Detroit has said the city is seeking partnerships with public and private investors to transform its transport network and connect its citizens for economic growth. “We are constantly thinking through how we can possibly build a bigger potential market,” Mark de la Vergne, the city’s mobility innovation chief, told Cities Today. “That […]

Refugee crisis is an urban crisis, says World Bank

Forced displacement is increasingly an urban crisis that needs an integrated humanitarian and development approach in cities, according to a new World Bank report released at the World Urban Forum. “The reported numbers of refugees usually refer to those registered by UNHCR,” Axel Baeumler, Senior Infrastructure Economist at the World Bank and co-author of the report told Cities Today. “However […]

JLL rethinks global city competitiveness for the future

New research from JLL challenges traditional approaches to evaluating city competitiveness by encouraging the global real estate market to rethink city performance metrics. In World Cities: Mapping the Pathways to Success, published in conjunction with The Business of Cities, JLL delves into global cities’ performance to evaluate their strengths and opportunities for real estate investors, developers […]

Houston launches new bot in response to Hurricane Harvey

Jonathan Andrews met with Lisa Kent, CIO, City of Houston, to discuss her advice on getting the best out of vendor partnerships and how her department played a key role during Hurricane Harvey

Interview: Milan Bandić, Mayor of Zagreb

Why did you become mayor? I wanted to change something. I felt that Zagreb could and should do better. When I was first elected mayor in 2000, the war wounds were still fresh in Zagreb and Croatia, and the problems were, understandably, difficult and numerous. What is your favourite part of the job? Meeting people […]

Georgios Kaminis, Mayor of Athens

Greece has been on the frontline of the migrant crisis. How much of this inflow has Athens had to handle? When the crisis erupted–in August 2015–Athens started receiving hundreds of refugees on a daily basis. More than 900,000 refugees came to Greece last year, the majority of which passed through Athens. So, you can understand […]

What did we learn from COP23?

US cities and states pledge, ‘we’re still in’ Despite the unofficial US Climate Action pavilion being built by private funds, cities and states arrived in Bonn led by Jerry Brown, Governor of California, and Michael Bloomberg, UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change. A total of 20 US states, 110 cities, and over […]

Towards a self-organised city

With all the developments that social trends and technological innovation bring to cities, one thing is certain: residents and businesses are increasingly taking control. And when it comes to issues related to city accessibility, a certain degree of self-organisation is inevitable. The role of the city administration is shifting from regulator to enabler, for example […]


When: 26th September 2017 – 28th September 2017 all-day
Where: Berlin, Germany

Alexander Zosel, founder Volocopter GmbH, under discussion with INTERGEO TV in the latest Opinion Leader Talk:   The first Volocopter air taxi will fly in Dubai at the end of 2017. What can we expect?[…]