New data platform to enable transport innovation

26th September 2017 Nick Michell

The Transport Systems Catapult, a UK technology and innovation centre, has announced the launch of the Intelligent Mobility Data Hub, which provides a secure platform for transport organisations to allow access to their data.

The hub stores datasets from government organisations, transport and technology businesses, offering insights into road travel and haulage patterns.

“In dense urban areas, we cannot simply keep building more roads and railways as space is at a premium,” Paul Campion, CEO at the Transport Systems Catapult, told Cities Today. “Yet increasing populations and continued reliance on road transport mean we have to keep improving transport to stop our cities grinding to a halt or failing to meet pollution targets. Sharing data will unlock intelligent solutions, which can help unlock spare capacity and make more efficient use of existing infrastructure.”

The creation of the Intelligent Mobility Data Hub followed research published with the Open Data Institute and Deloitte, which highlighted the potential benefits of data sharing in the transport industry. The report shows that investment in data could lead to faster journeys, lower emissions, improved regional connections and opportunities for job creation in an emerging technology sector–without the need for massive infrastructure projects.

Businesses will be able to use the facility to work with SMEs and research organisations to create transport innovations. Existing data sets can be combined for the first time to help create solutions for transport issues such as congestion, pollution and journey planning.

“Fears around cyber security, lack of data literacy skills and a legacy of viewing transport modes such as rail and road in isolation are restricting the free flow of information, preventing the UK from unlocking the full potential of its transport network,” added Campion. “According to our research, overcoming these barriers could unlock £14 billion of benefits from new innovations by 2025.”

Partners who use the facility have access to IT infrastructure for data analysis and a team of experts to help them. The platform also features secure storage and legal processes to ensure privacy and commercial confidentiality to allow partners’ data to be stored and analysed.

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