Moscow to test 5G tech on city services

9th July 2019 Jonathan Andrews

The city of Moscow is opening a new laboratory to allow Russian and foreign companies to test the latest 5G technologies and city services.

Alexander Gorbatko, Deputy Head of Moscow’s IT Department told Russian news outlet, ComNews: “We are interested in finding joint business models for players in various markets–industry, medicine, transport, and other sectors of strategic importance to the city.”

He said it will reduce the load on the ‘entrance ticket’ for start-ups and research institutes, form a local centre of competence, and help companies find and retain professionals.

“Businesses will have the opportunity to test new technological solutions in order to assess the feasibility of their introduction into commercial operation,” he said.

He added that the lab will also make it easier for entrepreneurs to access 5G technologies and that the centre will be created on the principle of vendor neutrality–a neutral attitude towards all 5G manufacturers, openness to business, information security and compatibility, and “patent and technical immunity to the equipment”.

The non-profit centre, due to open in the first quarter of next year, will operate within the framework of partnership agreements with the main participants.

The city is looking to test new technologies that are citizen-focused. Moscow currently operates electronic portals like:

  • EMIAS – an online clinic service,
  • Moscow e-school – high-tech environment to improve the quality of education in schools,
  • Active Citizen – which allows Muscovites to make decisions on urban development,
  • «Crowd.Mos» ­– where people can propose their own initiatives for the city.

The Russian capital is currently developing four 5G pilot zones, each of which will be operated by one of Russia’s four major telecom providers.

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