Citymapper launches mobility pass for London

28th February 2019 Jonathan Andrews

Multimodal mobility app, Citymapper, has launched a new subscription-based pass which is cheaper than contactless or Transport for London’s (TfL) Oyster card.

The pass comes in either a physical card or can be linked to Google Pay and Apple Pay. It can be used on all public transport in London, bicycles and the company’s own taxi service. A weekly pass for zones 1 and 2 (without cycles and taxis) costs £31, around £4 cheaper than TfL.

“Contactless technology is a bit like open data, it’s available to everyone,” the company said in a Medium blog. “And we’d encourage incentives to the ecosystem so that anyone can participate in promoting public transport and keeping it competitive with private industry.”

As a subscription-based service users need to pay four weeks upfront. The company is looking to add more partners to include other cycle share schemes, scooters and taxis.

The company said: “As we expand the offering to other cities, we will design towards a future where the subscription works everywhere it can. Integrating a journey planner and every day transport app with Pass gives us an opportunity to develop some great experiences for users.”

Further functionality and capability can be built in. Citymapper’s vision is to personalise offers to specific users based on their needs, preferences and commutes.

Open now to a select few users, Citymapper will look to officially launch the pass in March or April.

First launched in London in 2011, the Citymapper app is now available in 39 cities around the world.

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