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Sister Cities International and IFHP join Cities Today editorial advisory board

Sister Cities International, a global citizen diplomacy network that builds partnerships between cities and communities in the US and other countries, has signed an agreement to join the magazine’s editorial advisory board.

Mary D. Kane, President and CEO, Sister Cities International

“Sister Cities partnerships are being increasingly leveraged to drive economic growth,” said Mary D. Kane, President and CEO of the US-based organisation. “Sister Cities International is keen to showcase the power of the sister city network to urban leaders globally. Our partnership with Cities Today is an important step in this direction.”

Founded in 1956 by US President Eisenhower, the network unites tens of thousands of citizen diplomats and volunteers in programmes in 140 countries on six continents. Originally formed to help reconciliation after the Second World War, the organisation also now helps cities build partnerships towards economic development.

We are very pleased to be working with Sister Cities International which has played an historical role in renewing old relationships and creating new friendships resulting in strong economic and cultural ties between cities,” said Richard Forster, Managing Editor of Cities Today. “This partnership is part of our strategy to bring together the key regional and global associations to enable local governments to exchange knowledge and experience. We now have partners in the US, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America and Europe and continue to work closely with ICLEI and C40 on a global level.”

Sister Cities International has 550 US city members with partnerships in nearly 2,000 cities in 140 countries.

The International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP), has also signed an agreement renewing its position on the magazine’s editorial advisory board.

Ole Stilling, CEO, IFHP

“We think Cities Today is a leading magazine in this field and if you want to spread any kind of message we think it is a good platform,” said Ole Stilling, CEO, IFHP. “We want to be inspired by other members of the editorial board and we also want to discuss and inspire them.”

Headquartered in Copenhagen, the international organisation is uniquely placed to see the increasing collaboration between Malmö and its host city. Greater collaboration on creating a Nordic Metropolis spanning the region will be a focal point for one of its upcoming conferences, ‘Sharing cities – bridging regions’, jointly run with the Nordic City Network.

“This partnership renewal with IFHP strengthens our global network of professionals working in housing and planning,” added Forster. “We are working on a series of regional city focuses which IFHP will spearhead for the Nordic region in the next issue of Cities Today.”