5th Guangzhou Award Report on Local Implementation of SDGs

Since 2012, the Guangzhou Award for Urban Innovation has aimed to recognize innovation in improving social, economic, and environmental sustainability in cities and regions. It does so to advance the prosperity and quality of life of their respective citizens.

This report focuses largely on urban innovation lessons drawn from the Guangzhou Award as they relate to the COVID-19 pandemic response and the eight SDGs under review at the High-Level Political Forum in July 2021.

To address interdependencies within the SDGs and the initiatives, the report has been grouped broadly into five areas for analysis and presentation of lessons learned. These five areas are:

  1. Cities Taking a Measure of the SDGs
  2. Cities Increasing Health and Well-being (SDG 1,2,3)
  3. Cities Ensuring Sustainable Economic Growth and consumption (SDG 8,12)
  4. Cities Protecting the Climate and Environment (SDG 13)
  5. Cities Building Just and Inclusive Societies (SDG 10,16)