The power of the platform in smart cities

The mission of every smart city is to improve people’s quality of life.

Local and regional leaders have learned that the smartest way to do this is to optimise the powers of the public and private sector, so that digital technology not only grows the local economy, but also its citizens.

Smart devices give abundant clues as to people’s needs and ambitions. Data infrastructure, such as the cloud, applications and big data, allow urban leader to understand how people define quality of life. They also let businesses know how to apply this knowledge to the latest products and services.

By creating a network of partners seeking to enrich and empower communities through innovation, the goal of greater knowledge, greater mobility and greater prosperity of those communities grows ever nearer.

This Technology Spotlight discusses the importance of smart city platforms to integrate smart technologies, ensure that they deliver on their potential, and to create closer networks of the actors driving smart cities forward.

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