Beyond Data Event

30th March 2017 all-day
Mitch Verkuil
+31 (0)40 – 2 972 740
Beyond Data Event @ Eindhoven | North Brabant | Netherlands

It is our pleasure to announce the next edition of the Beyond data event. The 2017 Beyond data event will be held on 30 March 2017 in the City of Eindhoven.

The advancements in this dynamic and disruptive market are rapidly developing. The opportunities for businesses, science and authorities are endless. But what’s next? How do we measure results, what is the added value to all stakeholders, how do we put the citizen at the centre of the debate? During the Beyond data – on the edge – edition inspiring speakers, critical players, strategists and policy makers will take you on a journey to connect data organisations and data users. Not opposite each other, but side by side – albeit on the edge: we can learn from each other, even from our mistakes.

This edition will see a swift from pilots and trials to real life cases. We ask cities to come forward with their best practice cases, however small or big, and share them with other cities.

Some of the topics to be discussed on 30 March 2017 include:

  • Innovation in data, Smart Cities & Internet of Things
  • Developments in the use of personal data: healthcare, social care and more
  • Embedding smart cities as a backbone  of infrastructure, equipment, protocols
  • HELPDESK of cities and data science labs
  • Connecting Tech to Reality: how do we match technology with the needs of society
  • Pilots are good, but what’s next? What’s real?
  • Help needed: sharing user cases & best practice. How can you help? What are the challenges?

If you have any suggestions for speakers, topics, initiatives or cases, then please let us know?